Osprey Product FAQs

Q: How do I size myself for a pack?
A: Please refer to our sizing and fitting guide.

Q: How do I choose a hydration reservoir for my pack?
A: Osprey packs are designed to accept most 2 to 3 liter (70 to 100-oz.) hydration reservoirs. For the best fit with any Osprey Pack, try our new Osprey Hydraulics™ Reservoir.

Q: How do I attach my AddOns™?
A: Our accessory packs are equipped with little black plastic rectangular sliders which are attached to webbing located at each “corner” of the AddOns™ pack. Depending on the style of Osprey pack, the sliders on the AddOns™ “button” thru either D-rings, cordelettes, or hypalon strip “button holes” located beneath the pack’s front compression flaps. You’ll need to twist the slider until the narrow side goes completely thru the “button hole”; then twist to its original angle.

Q: What makes your women’s - specific packs unique?
A: Our women’s packs come in torso lengths that best fit women’s bodies. All packs come standard with women’s - specific harness and hipbelt. The women’s harness is narrow at its entry point in the backpanel, and tapers slightly outward below the collarbone to offer more comfort and freedom for the chest area. The women’s hipbelt is canted slightly upward to best cup the hips and is patterned with a narrower profile. Our women’s packs also come in women’s specific colors.

Q: Can I mold my Osprey hipbelt at home?
A: The process of heat molding is delicate and should be done by an Osprey CM Certified Dealer only. Please do not attempt to heat mold your Osprey CM hipbelt at home! Heating the belt in anything other than an Osprey CM Oven could damage the foam and voids the warranty.

Q: Can packs be used as checked luggage on an airplane?
A:Some non-travel packs can be checked with certain precautions. The goal is to protect all straps and buckles from getting caught in any airline baggage machinery. We recommend you use the Osprey Airporter to protect your pack during traveling. Also, we recommend that the following packs should not be checked uncovered: Atmos/Aura, Stratos/Sirrus or Exos packs, due to the design of the suspended mesh backpanel.

Q: Which of your packs are carry-on compatible?
A: In our Travel series, the Meridian 22, Ozone 18, Ozone 22, Contrail 22, Shuttle 22 and Porter 46 all meet maximum legal carry-on requirements. Among our daypacks, most of the bags below 40 liters will meet carry-on requirements. Follow the 22” x 14” x 9” or 45 linear inch total for standard carry-on dimensions, or call your airline for specific guidelines.

Q: Do you offer XS and XL size packs?
A: The packs currently offered in XS and XL are the Xenith/Xena series packs and the Aether 70/85. The Xena and Ariel, specifically designed for women, are offered in an XS size; these packs comes standard with women’s small harness and hipbelt. The Xenith and Aether 70 and 85, designed for men, are offered in the XL size; these packs comes standard with men’s large harness and hipbelt.

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